Challenge 2022 Complete

Mon Dieu! Hard to port! Yes it’s only mid-April and yes, the last five ships took me almost half a month to complete. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to paint 142 miniatures over the course of three and a half months! Personal best. I should have left something easy for last, those ships were definitely a test for my patience, but now they are done and I can look forward to trying them out on the black seas game mat!

March Painting Update

England expects every man to do his duty March has been another good month in terms of progress. I’m now almost all the way through my year’s goal. I’ve painted up Anna and Elsa and even already played the first game with my daughter using them. The Britons are also completed now, that’s the whole Hail Caesar boxset done! As well as all the remaining warriors, I also did the few extra pieces for the two chiefs.

Hail Caesar

Ave Caesar! Morituri Te Salutant That’s the last of the Britons painted and with that the last miniature from the Hail Caesar: Roman Invasion of Britain starter set. All in all around 125 miniatures, rivalling the number I’ve painted in total for my Napoleonic Prussian army. I thought it would take me much longer1, but in the end, I got into a nice rhythm, knowing exactly which colour to pick next, the order in which to paint the minis, when to include the shields, bases, etc.

Let It Go!

Let it Go! Let it Go! As Monty Python said: “And now for something completely different.” While I was browsing the internet forums and blogs, I came across a post by someone trying to get his young daughter into wargaming. To do that he painted up some of her favourite characters to use in a modified skirmish game. I liked the idea and wanted to see if I could replicate his results.

February Painting Update

More screaming barbarians! Lots more progress in February and if anything I’ve managed to increase my pace! At this point all the miniatures from the A Song of Ice and Fire Kickstarter have been painted1. Far more impressive though is the fact that that I have already managed to paint a whooping 50 Britons so far. With the ten I managed to complete at the tail end of January, I’m now 75% through the Britons.

ASOIAF Starter Set Complete!

Today I finished the last mini from the A Song of Ice and Fire boxset that I got from a Kickstarter pledge a few years ago. Brienne of Tarth valiantly led the rear-guard on the painting front and joins her fellow neutral characters to complete the Starter Set. Alongside my pledge for the Starter Set, the pledge rewards and milestone unlocks I also bought a couple of extra boxes to round out the collection.

Half of the Britons Painted

Ten more join the fray Back in 2019 at Christmas, I got the Hail Caesar starter set, called “Roman Invasion of Britain” from my wife. It sat around for a while as I tried to get through the mountain of ASOIAF miniatures that I stil had to paint, but after I finished the [Cthulhu][cthulhu] boardgame, it was time to turn my attention to the Romans. After reading the contents list more carefully and taking a look at the sprues, I realized that there were 40 Romans in the box and 80 Britons!

January Painting Update

It’s (well-past) the end of January and I’ve managed to make an unbelievable amount of proress on this year’s painting challenge. I managed to paint a good 35% of my yearly target. At this rate, I’ll be done by the end of March, which would be quite the accomplishment given my usual painting speed. The Roman part of the boxset is now complete. I had 20 remaining Romans as well as the Scorpio + crew.

Cthulhu Has Risen

This series hasn’t received a lot of updates over the past couple of years while I’ve been slowly making my way through the Cthulhu - Death May Die box. It took me almost a year and a half to actually paint them all1 but, I finilly finished the last mini: Cthulhu itself. Take a look. He's always looking at you You can find pictures of all the investigators, cultists, minor monsters and bosses on my Instagram page2.

More Sworn Swords

Voila, regiment number two fighting for the Starks. These guys were a lot quicker to paints than the first one, mainly because I already had a finished color scheme to rely on. It was also much quicker to paint the white wolves on their shields and tunics. Originally I would use a Ceramite White basecoat and then White Scar on top. This always turned out to a lumpy texture, something I’ve since learned is due to the pigment being Titanium Oxide, which is tends to clump.