Carronades, Britons and Cthulhu

Father Christmas has been very kind to me this year!

Cthulhu: Death May Die

When we went to visit my parents at the beginning of Christmas, they got me the new Cthulhu: Death May Die board game by CMON. It’s jam-packed with miniatures and they are gorgeous. Very detailed, particularly the Great Old Ones and the investigators. It also has a bunch of henchmen, which I’m sure will go through a batch-painting process. There’s lots of cards and tokens in the box, but the game is actually fairly straight-forward. My wife and I had a test game while we there and while we failed almost on turn three to prevent Cthulhu from rising, it was a lot of fun. We also didn’t need to keep re-reading the rules. I love the fact that a game is made up of two parts, which both contribute story and mechanics to the game. You choose the episode and then a Great Old One. Through the combination, you have twice as many possible sessions, which makes for a lot of variety. Add to that the fact that all the investigators have slightly different powers and therefore play styles and I can see this being endless fun. I’ll post another update when I start painting the minis.

Hail Caesar: The Roman Invasion of Britain

First pressie on Christmas Eve, this is a new era of historical miniatures for me! Romans! And I’ve been thinking of getting into that period for a while, but just like Napoleonics, the model count can be quite daunting. Add to that the fact that the barbarians are all very individual models and now batch painting is getting tricky. The box comes with a tiny A5 rule book, which is a bit annoying, but I already have the PDF, so I can always refer back to that as well when playing.

Black Seas: Master and Commander

I got this one today actually, as my wife had accidentally left it at home, but what a welcome surprise. I can’t lie, I’ve been itching to grab this starter set ever since it was announced. I already had my eye on Cruel Seas, but I just wasn’t into the whole e-boat thing, I wanted sails! So when Warlord brought out Black Seas I immediately wanted to buy it. Too bad that I had vowed to only buy new minis once I’ve painted what I have 😭. So all that was left to me was to open up the store page once a week and marvel at the gorgeous models being put up there, including third and first rates! Thankfully the ban on buying models doesn’t extend to anyone else, so I’m now the proud owner of two frigates and six brigs, which I will begin to assemble and paint shortly.

So Santa has been very busy this Christmas to make sure that I’m going to be very busy building, painting and playing with all my shiny new toys. And if I can, make a dent in the current “lead” pile.