Cthulhu Has Risen

This series hasn’t received a lot of updates over the past couple of years while I’ve been slowly making my way through the Cthulhu - Death May Die box. It took me almost a year and a half to actually paint them all1 but, I finilly finished the last mini: Cthulhu itself. Take a look.

He's always looking at you

You can find pictures of all the investigators, cultists, minor monsters and bosses on my Instagram page2. It was surprisingly hard to paint the monsters (which comprised a large part of the box), because it’s all imagination when it comes to picking colours and styles. There’s also plenty of fur, tentacles, etc. Things which I have very little experience painting. What helped immensely in the end were GW Contrast colours. Cthulhu is painted almost entirely in them with some brush work for extra highlights, eyes, etc. They made the job much quicker and in almost all cases gave the sort of finish I was expecting. Not having to agonize over how to paint them and get through them at a fairly rapid pace definitely helped stave off the painting fatigue. By the end I just wasn’t as motivated anymore, but I wanted to finish them.

Now the minis are all safely tucked away in their box, waiting for a day when I’ve forgotten the pain of painiting them, managed to snag an english copy of the rulebook and cards and found someone that likes to play horror games. Then I can bust out the box and say: “Look, let’s play with these fully-painted minis”. The game itself is actually pretty good. I played with my wife a couple of times and once on my own and it’s pretty tough to beat. I love the madness mechanic though. As you go madder and madder, you become ever more powerful, but if you go completely mad, you die and the game ends. So it’s a big balancing act and picking investigators that all complement each other, so the first half of the game is easier before you meet the boss. Writing this now, I’m tempted to bust out my copy and give it a go tongiht, but I still have Jaws of the Lion to play through and that would definitely have priority. Speaking of which, that’s another boardgame with miniatures that need painting!3 At this point, I don’t think the pile of shame will ever end.

  1. I painted other things in between, so I’m not quite that slow! ↩︎

  2. See the links on the right ↩︎

  3. It’s only four though… ↩︎