Half of the Britons Painted

Ten more join the fray

Back in 2019 at Christmas, I got the Hail Caesar starter set, called “Roman Invasion of Britain” from my wife. It sat around for a while as I tried to get through the mountain of ASOIAF miniatures that I stil had to paint, but after I finished the Cthulhu boardgame, it was time to turn my attention to the Romans. After reading the contents list more carefully and taking a look at the sprues, I realized that there were 40 Romans in the box and 80 Britons! At my previous painting speed, this would have amounted to another year’s work.

But this year, things seem to be going much faster. I finished two sets of ten1 Romans before Christmas 2021 and the other two sets of ten in January. Progress was good and I was quietly confident that I could finish this year. But 80 miniatures was still a tall order for me! The entire Hail Caesar boxset was about the size of the Stark forces from the ASOIAF boxset and that had taken me the better part of a year to paint.

No we’re half-way through February and I’m very proud to say that I’m also half-way through the Britons. 40 done and 40 more to go. They paint up relatively quick and by now I’m in a rhythm, which helps me speed through them as well. Colour choices tends to be my main source of procrastination. Having said that, I’m going to take a short break and focus on the remaining ASOIAF miniatures in the Painting Challenge. Then I’m planning to do two batches of ten back-to-back, which should hopefully improve the speed even more.

  1. I tend to paint units in batches of ten or twelve. Prussian battalions would be painted half the miniatures at a time. ↩︎