January 2023 Update

First month is over and it’s been a strong start again to the year. I am already most of the way through my collection of AoS Khorne Bloodborne. All the troops are complete, all that remains are the characters. I’ve not used so much red paint in since painting the Lannister army! Still really good progress so far. I’ve also managed to spray paint undercoat almost everything on this year’s challenge list. I had to wait for a slightly warmer day and then ripped through 80 or so miniatures over the course of two lunch times. At least they’re all ready and primed and I can switch between them as I see fit, which makes painting them a lot easier. It’s always nice when you can swap to another unit or miniature on your list as you like, rather than having to strictly stick to the original order. Updates are as always on Instagram.

While last year I managed to hit 35% percent at this point, I’m still happy with my progress. It’s more of a challenge even than last year, and 17% is still a really good number. Also considering how large and complicated the character models are versus the batch painting of troops! I expect I’ll be seeing larger percentage updates once I start on Orcs and Gondorian soldiers.