January Painting Update

It’s (well-past) the end of January and I’ve managed to make an unbelievable amount of proress on this year’s painting challenge. I managed to paint a good 35% of my yearly target. At this rate, I’ll be done by the end of March, which would be quite the accomplishment given my usual painting speed.

The Roman part of the boxset is now complete. I had 20 remaining Romans as well as the Scorpio + crew. Now all that remains is 80 Britons1. Additionally, almost half of the ASOIAF miniatures are done as well and I feel pretty confident that I can extend my goal for the rest of the year. Perhaps even get through the entire remaining Kickstarter backlog2.

I don’t want to plan too much already though. A sudden sprint like this can easily turn and be followed by a month-long hiatus. Still, I’m quite impressed at what I can achieve when I really sit down and just paint. Having a dedicated place for it, certainly helps, as well has having weeks' worth of audiobooks to get through.

More updates on a monthly basis.

  1. Well, 70 really ↩︎

  2. Mostly characters, and one unit ↩︎