March Painting Update

England expects every man to do his duty

March has been another good month in terms of progress. I’m now almost all the way through my year’s goal. I’ve painted up Anna and Elsa and even already played the first game with my daughter using them.

The Britons are also completed now, that’s the whole Hail Caesar boxset done! As well as all the remaining warriors, I also did the few extra pieces for the two chiefs. I noticed on the final two frames (the command frames) that there were horns and standards, etc for them to hold. So I painted them and then went back and put them into the hands of the warriors. They looked a bit odd otherwise, seemingly holding air. I’ve yet to actually play a game with them, I’ve been so focused on the painting, but I’ll get round to it eventually.

Finally, the British ships are also complete. These took so much longer than I had anticipated! The painting progressed fairly well, especially as I painted the masts separately this time, which saved me a lot of aggravation. What I hadn’t anticipated is how long the rigging and flagging would take. I managed to get a fairly good rhythm at the end and found a few tricks1 that would speed things up, but it still took a long time. Then again, I absolutely love how they came out. Especially the larger frigates. They’ve got a bit of oompf to them. I would quite like to see what a 3rd rate or even 1st rate would look like in comparison. Now all that is left are the French frigate and four brigs.

It’s a shame I didn’t manage to get to 100% in exactly 3 months, but it’s still so much more than I had anticipated finishing.

  1. Like putting a dot of superglue on the end of the thread to stiffen it. ↩︎