The Investigators Are Here

Elizabeth, Ian, Fatima, Ahmed, Morgan

The last batch of the ten investigators that come in the Cthulhu: Day May Die board game are finally done! You might have seen them posted on my Instagram, which always gets updates first when it comes to minis.

They now join the first five for a complete set of investigators. Now the work starts on the cultists and then the various monsters. The cultists are all pretty uniform, big red robes and some minor ornamentation. So I’ve decided to give Citadel Contrast paints a go for them.

I’ve ordered a batch of paints from Element Games along with the spray primers. Sadly due to the ongoing pandemic, the shipment is delayed indefinitely. So that means I will need to find something else to paint in the meantime. The plan at the moment is to put together and paint a couple of brigs that came with an issue of Wargames Illustrated. That should serve as a nice primer for when I start on my Black Seas boxset. I also have more ASOIAF minis to paint, so there’s no shortage of things that I should paint.

Lastly, I’ve continued to work on grant, but progress is slow. Mainly for lack of time, rather than complexity.