Painting Challenge 2023

January 2023 Update

First month is over and it’s been a strong start again to the year. I am already most of the way through my collection of AoS Khorne Bloodborne. All the troops are complete, all that remains are the characters. I’ve not used so much red paint in since painting the Lannister army! Still really good progress so far. I’ve also managed to spray paint undercoat almost everything on this year’s challenge list.

New Year, New Challenge 2023

Last year’s painting challenge was a resounding success! I even managed to complete it within the first quarter and then go and paint dozens more miniatures in the rest of the year. So with that in mind, I’m starting a new painting challenge for this year. One that will finish off the vast majority of my remaining Pile of Shame. Actually, it will clear all built and unpainted plastic models. The only things left will be Lord of the Rings metal hero models1 and the free sprues that you get with the various wargaming magazines.