Hail Caesar

Ave Caesar! Morituri Te Salutant That’s the last of the Britons painted and with that the last miniature from the Hail Caesar: Roman Invasion of Britain starter set. All in all around 125 miniatures, rivalling the number I’ve painted in total for my Napoleonic Prussian army. I thought it would take me much longer1, but in the end, I got into a nice rhythm, knowing exactly which colour to pick next, the order in which to paint the minis, when to include the shields, bases, etc.

Half of the Britons Painted

Ten more join the fray Back in 2019 at Christmas, I got the Hail Caesar starter set, called “Roman Invasion of Britain” from my wife. It sat around for a while as I tried to get through the mountain of ASOIAF miniatures that I stil had to paint, but after I finished the Cthulhu boardgame, it was time to turn my attention to the Romans. After reading the contents list more carefully and taking a look at the sprues, I realized that there were 40 Romans in the box and 80 Britons!