Automating This Blog - Part 2

When I started writing this blog, I had put aside a spare Raspberry Pi as kind of “dev” server. A place I could freely install stuff, test out code and run my Ansible playbooks. The main reason to keep this separate from the server which runs all my services was because there was limited disk space on the server1. One of the biggest challenges was to keep my version of hugo up-to-date and to remember not to publish my blog entries with the draft switch enabled2.

Automating This Blog

The most annoying thing about having a website or blog for me has always been in writing content for it. Getting stuff published is a close second though. So when I wanted to revive this blog and actually have a proper web presence for once, I resolved that it should be as easy as possible to do it. So first thing I did was to put this blog up as a Github repo so that I could access it from anywhere.