Capt Jack Aubrey

Say hello to Captain Jack Aubrey! Probably most people have seen Master and Commander with Russel Crowe and Paul Bethany. It follows Aubrey and his crew as they fight a superior French vessel off the coast of South America. The source novel(s) were written by Patrik O’Brian and the good news is that after Master and Commander, there are 20 more! The Jack Aubrey miniature was a promotional item offered by Warlord Games and I got it with an order of Napoleonics, I believe.

Carronades, Britons and Cthulhu

Father Christmas has been very kind to me this year! Cthulhu: Death May Die When we went to visit my parents at the beginning of Christmas, they got me the new Cthulhu: Death May Die board game by CMON. It’s jam-packed with miniatures and they are gorgeous. Very detailed, particularly the Great Old Ones and the investigators. It also has a bunch of henchmen, which I’m sure will go through a batch-painting process.

The Landwehr Has Arrived

Warlord Provides! After getting a Community Spotlight on Beasts of War earlier this month, I thought it was high time to press pause on painting the ASOIAF backlog and to continue my efforts on this project. To that extent, I went ahead and ordered two boxes of Warlord’s Landwehr Regiment. I’m not sure why they are marked as regiments, but for my purposes each box represents a battalion.